The Owner

Name: Paul T. H****** referred to by Parelli as Paul H.

Paul is an equine assisted psychotherapist and Parelli Level 2 graduate who sums up his Parelli experience with these words…

I know I am grateful for what I learned from the Parelli program, and I think anyone who knows Barney will say that he is grateful as well.”

Paul may be grateful… and those who know Barney are welcome to say as they please, but I for one don’t ever believe Barney would say “Thank you” or show one single ounce of gratitude for the tirade of abuse he received at the hands of Linda Parelli and Paul H.

But gratitude it seems is the mainstay of Parelli programming. Parelli-ites are so grateful they found Parelli… Grateful that Parelli has managed to keep them alive through this life threatening experience called horse ownership as so many horses and horsemen/women die without the instructional benefit of Parelli.

They are grateful their horses are still alive, as millions of horses are euthanised every day for the atrocious crimes of looking around and walking to fast!

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