The “Training”

It is allegedly the Parelli-ites that Barney was behaving in an incredibly dangerous manner during his training. According to Linda Parelli herself…

Barney was terribly spooked”


his behaviour was becoming dangerous”

Barney was not “terribly spooked” he was merely observing his surroundings. Due to Barney’s disability he suffers severely restricted vision, it is therefore necessary for him to move his head to take in his environment. A fully sighted horse can observe it’s environment whilst stationary, Barney can only see what surrounds him on one side, and for a prey animal that is very scary, particularly in a strange setting with camera crews, equipment, unknown horses and people all around you.

As for the claim that Barney was behaving dangerously, Barney didn’t once show any sign of aggression (which is more than can be said of Linda Parelli who showed nothing but aggression). What Barney felt was confusion, disbelief and stress, no matter how he behaved he got reprimanded, standing still was wrong, as was going left, right, backwards and forwards, I know very few horses that would have taken that treatment with such good nature.

No horse deserves to be treated in such a abusive way for 10 seconds, let alone have to face the lengthy tirade Barney received at Linda’s hands.

A quote from Linda herself regarding the situation…

I had to increase the intensity until it matched the intensity of his fear, which was dangerously high”

The only thing that Barney was scared of was Linda’s outlandish behaviour and his owner Paul’s behaviour beforehand. Barney became so increasingly stressed out by Linda’s treatment that he even pooped himself in fear, and his breathing was exactly that of a terrified horse.

Linda Parelli repeatedly strikes Barney with both her hand and the rope, as does Barney’s owner Paul. At one point in the video you can hear the clip of the rope smack in to Barney’s jaw, Linda Parelli’s response was to laugh and exclaim something along the lines of “that was a good clunk”… not the behaviour you would expect from a horse lover, but exactly the behaviour I have come to expect of a Parelli. The rope Linda was wielding repeatedly walloped poor Barney round the face and head, a sure way to make any horse head-shy fearful of ropes. No horse would learn a thing but fear with such training tactics, Barney is proof that the best outcome possible is one very confused and stressed out horse.

This is part of a training programme! Training for what? I understand that we all have our different ideas as to how to train our animals. But Parelli is marketed as kind training system which uses no force…

I fail to see how smacking a horse about is going to help relieve any situation, but what is more Linda Parelli’s flailing rope could have caused serious injury to Barney’s one remaining eye.

I have watched the entire training session multiple times, all Barney does is try to find the right response to Linda’s tirade, he attempts coming to and going away from her, neither of which relieves his predicament.

Barney tried everything he can think of and it is proof of his good nature that his worst “crime” was to look around for help.

I own three equines and I know that not one of them would have behaved as impeccably as Barney did.

My three each faced with such behaviour would have…

Run her over in panic to get away, then run her over again just for good measure.

Ignored her “training” for a short while, then done an almighty great rear.

Flown at her teeth barred and make sure she suffered at least on mighty big bruise.

and Barney is an incredibly dangerous horse!

I am forced to conclude that behaving incredibly dangerously is Parelli code for behaving like a normal unrobotisied horse!

If Barney was truly a danger surely he should not have been trained in an open space full of other horses and people. If he had broken free bedlam would have ensued in Parelliville, or does Linda Parelli believe that she could hold a horse if it really wanted to take off?

All videos of the training Barney endured have been removed from the internet due to “copyright infringement”.  

I ask, if Parelli had nothing to hide and have done nothing wrong why do they feel it necessary to remove all evidence of the treatment Barney endured?

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