Despite having spent the first 11 years of his life in a traditional fox-hunting yard (which is apparently a very tough existence) Barney, during his training session, was to quote Linda Parelli…

“… starting to have a lot of trouble with the wind in the trees and bushes.” 

well fox-hunters are notorious for their distaste of weather and nature! 

Barney’s owner (Paul H.) acquired him from the Hunt yard as they were planning on having him put to sleep after he became injured.  Barney had lost his left eye after an accident on the hunting field (he suffered a corneal scratch which became infected and as a result his eye was removed).

Barney then spent two years at pasture before being brought back into ridden work.

During the making of the Parelli “training” DVD Barney was in a new and strange environment filled with camera crews and unfamiliar horses and people.  How any horse, let alone a partially sighted one, could be expected to completely ignore it’s surroundings I don’t know, Barney didn’t even have the security of knowing his handler once Linda Parelli took over, and Linda did nothing to make him trust her.

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