The Video

This video has been disabled by Parelli Natural Horsemanship.  All videos exposing the reality of Parelli training have been removed from the internet.

Viewed by over 40,000 people and rising the youtube of Barney’s training session with Linda Parelli has caused shock-waves throughout the equine community.

When I first viewed the footage I was flabbergasted, and I felt moved to show as many as I could the sort of training that goes on under the name of natural horsemanship, Parelli’s motto is “love, language and leadership in equal doses”, I see none of those principles displayed here.

Many Parelli fans have stated that the youtube clip is edited to look far worse than it was in reality. The clip was taken from disc 3 in the red Parelli level 1 DVD, and although edited (not to hide anything but purely to come under fair use) comes across no worse than the footage in it’s entirety, in fact as a horse lover I find the whole session more disturbing to watch. The Parelli fans that have accused me of editing it to deceive obviously have not seen the video themselves.

Linda Parelli has herself implied that the clip was taken out of context… again the Parelli DVD proves that this is not the case, though I do fail to see any context in which Linda’s treatment of Barney would be acceptable.

Many people originally thought that the clip was leaked by a whistle-blower, the fact that this footage was included in a training DVD aimed at absolute beginners beggars belief.

The youtube has received many comments from horse lovers disgusted at Barney’s treatment, though not all find the treatment Barney received abusive, a select few (whose judgement I highly question) feel that it was/is a totally acceptable training technique, and precisely what the horse needed, though those in favour do all appear to be Parelli devotees.

The video without a doubt shows abusive treatment perpetrated on an innocent horse, those who can not see that seriously need to reconsider their judgement, it makes my blood boil, every time that I watch the video I find it more and more shocking.


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