Twitching and Hobbling

Pat Parelli once compared the use of hobbles and twitches to rape.

Yet he openly uses and condones the use of both.

Apparently their use is justified in certain circumstances, and those who disagree do not understand.

Does Mr. Parelli beleive rape is acceptable in certain circumstances too then?  After all he did compare the use of such gadgets to rape so I can only conclude that he does.

Catwalk was subjected to a lengthly training session in a public arena where he was hobbled by the leg and gum twitched, apparently this is justified as Catwalk is a stallion.  A stallion who passed hands for an incredibly vast amount of money, yet according to the Parelli camp, he was under risk of execution due to the time he took to take up and the treatment he received at Linda and Pat’s hands was justified as it all but saved his bacon.

The horse picture below was also broken with the use of leg restraints.  How that can be thought of as natural I will never know.

I don’t condone many of the practises that occur in conventional horsemanship, but I don’t know many traditional horseman who would condone the use of hobble in the process of taming or backing a horse.  And I have yet to meet a single horseman who would justify the use of hobbles and twitching on a horse who’s only issue was being bridle shy.

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