Too Much Too Young… Riding Immature Horses

Whilst most of us are used to seeing pikey ponies being broken to ride and drive at two years old we aren’t so used to seeing the “professionals” following such an ignorant example.

Parelli however are obviously of the opinion that it is perfectly acceptable to start a 2 year old under saddle over a period of just three days which the public can attend – for a price.

Not only has Trumpet (the horse in question) got to become accustomed to carrying a rider upon his immature frame, but he has to do so in front of a crowd, just so Parelli can earn a little more wonga selling tickets to the public to came and watch the spectacular.

The exploitation of horses sickens me and this is blatant exploitation.

This youngster is being aimed at a career in three day eventing, he shouldn’t have been started until he was at least three years old, preferably older if they care about him having a sound life both mentally and pysically.

It is scientifically proven that a horse’s skeleton isn’t fully fused at such a young age.  Sticking a full grown man complete with a heavy western saddle is going to potentially cause lasting damage to this poor horse, sadly the long term is rarely an issue if you can gain admiration and fanatics in the short term.

These photos were taken on day 1 of Trumpet’s “education”.

How many horses do you come across who are expected to canter under saddle on day one of their training?  The answer is very few.  The vast majority of people who are involved in the training of youngsters would baulk at the idea of backing a horse at two, and they would shudder at the idea of cantering a horse on his/her first day under saddle, even a fully mature animal.

This is just In a Whisper all over again.  Breaking immature horses is something that Parelli must approve of as they continually practice the process.

There is no excuse for this idiocy, in the dark ages people didn’t understand the damage that could be caused by starting a horse so young, nowadays we have the scientific evidence – alongside common sense – telling us that horses aren’t physically mature at a such a young age.  And they most certainly aren’t mentally mature enough to cope with the emotional and educational demands of ridden work.

At 2 years old a horse is not backed it is broken, and that damage takes a lot of time to put back together.

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