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Too Much Too Young… Riding Immature Horses

Whilst most of us are used to seeing pikey ponies being broken to ride and drive at two years old we aren’t so used to seeing the “professionals” following such an ignorant example. Parelli however are obviously of the opinion … Continue reading

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Twitching and Hobbling

Pat Parelli once compared the use of hobbles and twitches to rape. Yet he openly uses and condones the use of both. Apparently their use is justified in certain circumstances, and those who disagree do not understand. Does Mr. Parelli … Continue reading

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Dear British Horse Society

Does a petition of 1000 signatures mean nothing to the BHS? I ask as after being presented with an online petition, against the treatment Barney (a one eyed horse) received by Parelli, you have chosen to associate yourselves with them. … Continue reading

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The Video

This video has been disabled by Parelli Natural Horsemanship.  All videos exposing the reality of Parelli training have been removed from the internet. Viewed by over 40,000 people and rising the youtube of Barney’s training session with Linda Parelli … Continue reading

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Despite having spent the first 11 years of his life in a traditional fox-hunting yard (which is apparently a very tough existence) Barney, during his training session, was to quote Linda Parelli… “… starting to have a lot of trouble … Continue reading

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The Owner

Name: Paul T. H****** referred to by Parelli as Paul H. Paul is an equine assisted psychotherapist and Parelli Level 2 graduate who sums up his Parelli experience with these words… “I know I am grateful for what I learned … Continue reading

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The “Training”

It is allegedly the Parelli-ites that Barney was behaving in an incredibly dangerous manner during his training. According to Linda Parelli herself… “Barney was terribly spooked” and “his behaviour was becoming dangerous” Barney was not “terribly spooked” he was merely … Continue reading

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