Below are a small handful of the comments I have received about the Parelli system,  please feel free to add your own opinions to the mix:



  • I am appauled at Linda Parelli’s behaviour, I watched this video in ‘MUTE’ first & was discusted at what was going on however I did assume it was at the very worst a NOVICE or UN EDUCATED lady handling the poor confused horse but when I watched it again with SOUND and recognised ‘LINDA PARELLI’S’ VOICE I WAS ASTONISHED… & ACTUALLY SPEECHLESS WHILST FIGHTING BACK MY TEARS…………THIS WOMaN & HER HUSBAND TRAIN & EDUCATE OTHER HORSE OWNERS…….& THIS IS WHAT THEY ARE BEING TOLD TO DO TO THEIR HORSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • So, she punishes him for NOT looking at her, then punishes him with even more force FOR looking at her! What a mixed message! I thought that in all horse work consistency was key but what I’ve just seen was inconsistent beyond belief. Why does she praise him towards the end? He’s still backing and looking away from her. I can’t understand how the owner could have just stood by and watched this. As a horse owner your duty first and foremost is the welfare of your horse, mentally and physically.
  • My mare would have kicked Linda’s head clean off her neck for treating her like that. Explain to me again how slamming the metal clip of a lead into the jaw, swinging the lead around like an idiot, and slapping the horse in the face is natural horsemanship again?
  • this. is. Ridiculous. if my riding instructor caught me doing this with a horse, she would flip shit. i garuntee it. what the hell is this?!
  • Unbelivable What I Have Just Watched Linda Parelli You Should Not Be Allowed Near Horses Utter Disgrace 😦
  • No horse in the world needs to be treated like this in order to gain its respect. Least of all one that only has ONE EYE!!!This needs to be stopped.
  • Stupid woman ! Shouldn’t be allowed to own a rocking horse !!
  • OMG I am speachless
  • This is horrible! Any true horse lover would be able to see that this is a true cruel act! It should NOT be promoted in the horse world! I doubt it very much she would like to have her face yanked and made to be confused because she was blind in one eye!
  • Is this a lesson in how to make your horse incredibly head shy or just terrified of people all together? How can that poor horse figure out what she wants it to do. I sure can’t. There is nothing that resembles training hear. Just abuse. She should not be allowed anywhere near horses.
  • Glad she thinks it’s funny to use striking an animal as a training aid Really what a total lot of cr*p !
  • And they call themselves experts!! what a joke they wouldn’t know horsemanship if it hit themselves in the face!!
  • This is insane! She is completely ineffective with her behaviour. The horse is just getting totally pissed and agitated with HER! Not the distractions around him! Flailing your lead rope & hands in a horses face is NOT effective in any training program, I don’t care if you’re the g-d-mn Queen! This horse is showing incredible tolerance & restraint with her. I’d have run her over after 5 minutes of this crap! There is a time and place for firm authoritative control with a horse – this is not it!
  • Ok, you defenders of this video and the Parelli system. Do you really, honestly believe that this is the only way to train a horse, and that everything else amounts to abuse? If so, why? Can it be because you have been told that this is so by people who have a vested interest in making you believe it? It certainly can’t be because you have studied all other ways of training horses in depth, because if you had you wouldn’t be defending Linda Parelli!
  • Make no wonder so many horses are developing psychological problems if people honestly believe that this helps your horse. I suppose if you are nasty enough a horse may bow down eventually but I prefer to think that we can help them more by gaining their trust through quiet understanding.
  • People resort to violence (no matter how severe or subtle) when there is a lack of understanding and or a fear of their situation. If this horse learned anything from this experience, it was to sit down and shut up to prevent this kind of treatment from repeating. In the end, he will either revolt, or shut off. My guess would be that he will eventually shut off and become one more robotic shell of a horse in this messed up world of “natural” horsemanship.
  • what is she trying to do?? all i see is a crazy woman yanking, pulling, whipping, waving, pushing and shoving, changing direction and teaching the horse to be anxious ….. if i cant get the message … how can the poor horse???
  • This is NOT horsemanship
  • If this is natural horsemanship, then I’m a squirrel.
  • poor horse, that women should NOT deal with horses, in any way, and absolutely not when she does it that way!
  • Honestly, this video actually appauls me. What the HELL does she think she’s doing yanking him about like that. If I saw someone doing that at a showground, I would go over and ask them why they were 1. being so rough, and 2. Why their horse is being punished for looking at something? This should be on an advert to donate to helping mistreated animals. What a horrible practice 😡

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