Another example of Linda Parelli’s amazing horsemanship, taken from the level 1 training dvd.  Linda is shown demonstrating how to smash a clip into your horse’s jaw.  She can also be observed beating on an Arabian for walking too fast after she swished him up the behind with her carrot stick, not pleasant viewing at all.


My heart goes out to the poor little chestnut at 0:38 Pat Parelli is a big bloke, surely he must weigh at the very least 15 stone.  That little chestnut horse had 15+ stone bounced up and down on their back four times, for no other reason than Pat Parelli finding himself amusing.

The chestnut mare at 1:58 looked clearly distressed as Pat ran at her carrot stick brandished, all in the name of entertainment.
Parelli humour is obviously as funny as Parelli horsemanship is kind.
Pat Parelli and Foal
This Picture defies belief, no horseman/woman would make a young foal (who appears to be at most 2 months old, possibly younger) jump any kind of obstacle, let alone a giant log, poor colt, you can see the tension in his delicate little legs.
I wouldn’t ask a three year old to jump that fence.