“Wiggle wiggle bump” (Parelli for smacking your horse about the head with a rope)

“Training” a genuinely aggressive/dangerous/out of it’s mind horse (which Barney apparently was) with the “wiggle, wiggle… bump” technique wouldn’t achieve anything except more aggressive and dangerous behaviour on the horses part.

All it would achieve in the case of a fearful/shy/nervous horse would more fear and confusion and a potentially dangerous situation caused by the horses panic.

If you treated a bombproof/schoolmaster/schoolmistress in this manner you would achieve complete mental shutdown.

This is a poem inspired by the Parelli programme…

Parelli Love

“Wiggle wiggle BUMP”

Carrot stick… THUMP

LoVe like yours

Gives me the hump

Hump can’t show

‘Cause you will go

“Wiggle wiggle BUMP”

Carrot stick… THUMP

copyright 2010

Remember Nothing of beauty is gained by force.

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Learned helplessness

Having watched countless Parelli horses interacting with both their owners and professional Parelli accredited trainers I have come to the conclusion that Parelli Natural Horsemanship is a form of conditioning designed primarily to establish learned helplessness.

Having observed the behaviour exhibited by Parelli trained horses online, in Parelli training DVD’s and first hand I noticed the shared trait of helplessness, there is a common expression on every Parelli horse’s face, their eyes show a hopeless look that speaks of a downtrodden existence where personality is punished and character disallowed.

There is a Parelli trained horse local to where I live, and a more turned off, tuned out soul I never wish to meet. The horse has been programmed to do as he is told and absolutely nothing else, he shows no interest in his surroundings, other horses or wildlife, his natural curiosity has been eliminated and he doesn’t even take a passing glance at his environment.

This may seem the ideal horse to many people, but I like to see a horse that is thinking, not being thought for.

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Parelli’s reaction

Linda Parelli published a blog to “explain” Barney’s training and try to justify it, she also released a youtube video… both of which have now been removed. I presume that Parelli are going to try and sweep the whole situation under the carpet and pretend they were never exposed.

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The (red) Parelli Level 1 training pack

As an owner of the red Parelli Level 1 DVD training pack, I can assuredly state that the treatment Barney received was neither justified nor fair.

I have watched the DVD pack in it’s entirety, which as a genuine horse lover was a far from enjoyable experience, but I persevered.

Linda Parelli didn’t only treat Barney in such an appalling manner, she treats all horses like it. Barney wasn’t the only horse maltreated in the making of this DVD set…

Below are some video clips taken from the level one DVD…


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The Arabian

A grey Arabian suffered near identical treatment to Barney, for the severe crime of… wait for it… walking to fast!

The only time the Arabian actually broke pace was when Linda Parelli sneakily swished it from behind with one of her “friendly” tools.

By the end of that session the little Arabian was well and truly on the road to complete mental shut down.

a video of the abuse this poor little Arabian suffered, sold as part of the level one training DVD alongside the abuse Barney received. If you find the video too hard to watch here are an assortment of accompanying quotes straight from Linda Parelli’s mouth…

“Try one of those flicks, bounce that clip on him Holly, remember how we did that , HARD, he’s not listening, shorten up your rope a little bit and do it thats it,  thats it, again three times boom, boom, boom.”

“now three times you bump him HARD he’s not listening”

“throw that snap up under his chin.”

“boom power goes to the end of the clip”

Below are some stills from the DVD, they clearly show how upset she is making the Arabian, who was doing nothing wrong…

However uncomfortable viewing the above video is I highly recommend watching as it offers an incredible insight into the distressing reality of Parelli “natural horsemanship”

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The Horses Breathing

All of the horses being “trained” in the DVD were so incredibly stressed out, their breathing patterns were reminiscent of racehorses who had just run the Grand National. The horses were not doing any strenuous exercise to exhausted them, mostly they were just walking, what caused the stressful breathing patterns was fear, they were fearful as a result of the inconsistent and abusive training they were receiving.

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The Lameness

There were multiple noticeably lame horses being “trained” throughout the level 1 DVD pack.

Surely if Linda Parelli can not spot a lame horse then she shouldn’t be in the equine business, certainly not the horse/human training end of it.

Other aspects of the DVD were equally shocking also…

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