Parelli ‘In A Whisper’

Pat Parelli competed along side two other well know trainers to break an untouched two year old in 2 1/2 hours.

A selection of untouched weedy looking 2 year olds, of about 14hh were taken from their homes and trained in front of an audience of thousands.
The goal was for these youngsters to be ridden in walk trot and canter.  To be able to back up and move sideways, as well as jump a small course of fences and trail a hay bale around the arena.
The time frame for this was 2 1/2 hours.

I wouldn’t expect a fraction of that from an untouched 2 year old in 2 1/2 months
To view images visit
Parelli is a very large man far too heavy for a fully grown 15hh horse, yet he backed and rode a weak 14hh 2 year old for nearly two hours without a second thought.



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