The Petition

I am presenting you with the following information so you are at the very least informed and aware of the reality of Parelli Natural Horsemanship.  I hope by examining the facts, and the equine public’s opinion on the matter, you will withdraw any and all support you may have for Parelli.

Whether you have an existing relationship with Parelli Natural Horsemanship, or you are considering entering into a contract/partnership/sponsership deal with them at present, or in the future, I highly recommend that you read through all this information,  so that you can make a truly informed decision.

I started this petition so that the voiceless horses could have a voice. Many people have expressed their feelings of disgust on the petition site. Some who signed are professional horse trainers, all are horse lovers (with the exception of a couple of people who signed to show their approval of Linda Parelli’s training methods, they are just idiots).   I have also received terrific support from many highly regarded people in the horse community who for personal reasons wish to remain anonymous.

The petition although deemed pointless by many people, both pro and anti Parelli alike, still managed to reach it’s target of 1000 signatures in less than two months.  Originally the petition set out to receive 250 signatures, but it soon became apparent that it would reach that goal with ease… so I upped the target… and then I upped it again until it was at the 1000 mark and despite being open for a relatively short time span the petition easily reached it’s goal.

I have been asked multiple times since the petition closed to reopen it and allow for further signatures, a request I have not granted.


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